Lowbelly and Friends

by Lowbelly

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Engineered by Jeremy and Tristan. Recorded at Kashimunji and on location. Post production at Kashimunji. Cover drawing by Gus Wright. Photos by Jeremy, Phedra, Tristan, Wendy. Produced by Fort Hazel Magic. Many thank to all who helped with this project. All samples obviously published by the original artists ages ago. All songs written by the people who wrote them, as indicated in the recording credits. Where the original composition is not held by Fort Hazel Magic the recording is obviously a parody, thereby qualifying as fair use. This recording published and copyright 1998 Fort Hazel Magic, 1400 Hill Road, Boise, ID 83702. www.forthazel.com


released June 9, 1998

Jeremy Miller
Tristan Andreas

Akiko Izumiyama
Ambrose Richardson
Andy Agenbroad
Ben Kline
Ben Iddings
Beth Venable
Bowen Adajian
Brian Quast
Christian of Moon Patrol
Craig Chapple
Dave Wall
Dave Wright
Ed "Buz" Williams
Ethan Smith
Gordon Frisbie
Grant Olsen
Gus Wright
Jake Carpenter
Jake Hite
Jay Winebrenner
Jeff Tobin
Jill Germain
Joe Haege
Joe Sepi
Julie Martin
Justin Brown
Katherine Carpenter
Katie Goss
Ken McCall
Kip Larson
Mark Walsh
Mary Ragan
Mike Rogers
Nathan Carson
Phedra Andreas
Philip Townsend
Rik Tessensohn
Ross Albriton
Russ of Sleep Capsule
Ryan "Skully" Davis
Scott of Sleep Capsule
Steve Kramer
Tom Lowe
Tony Lowe
Wendy Fox
Whonchee Lee




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Track Name: An Old Joke of Mine
At this house, in a new town,
A big place in this neighborhood
I always dreamed of
I sat on a porch and watched
The circus of party-goers downstairs
Just watching them as they went
From distant, to cold,
To just plain hostile.

They ran a bus between us,
And separated us,
Things got confusing at this point,
Leaving me with a short anorexic girl
Who's told me for some reason,
Which I can't remember for the hostility,
And says, "come back here."

It's daylight now and I'm
On the outside of a brick structure,
An old Civil War style garage apartment
With no doors, holes ten or eleven inches square
For cannons and things apparently;
I can't get in there,
And talk through these holes,
And see, amazed that the person
Actually fits through them;
It must be a contortionist trick

As I try to figure it out,
Staring at huge wads of knotty stiff canvas
Being pulled and shoved through it,
The person who brought me back there
To tease me about it -
Not being able to fit in the hole -
Went about going through the daily things,
No longer caring that I'm there.

The people demanded the old paint cans
In the basement of Dad's old house;
It was useless garbage, probably dried,
But I just didn't like being bullied.
They could have asked but I said no,
Very polite-like.
It was night, the party-goers back there.
K. and I sat in the room with the piano;
They were all in the yard outside.

Outside the window, I saw them:
Just a good group of clean-living middle-aged
Yuppies, being less and less subtle
About the hostility of their motives,
But as yuppies are,
They had none of their alcohol or drugs.

One of the little girls played,
Running around the tree,
Maybe she was evil too...
I don't know.
Track Name: Get Down
"And we can
Get it together
Ease up our mind
Do a little dance
Make a little love
Get down tonight
Do a little dance
Make a little love
Get down tonight
Get down tonight, baby"



Shake it
Shake your booty
Bake it
Bake your noodle
Shake it
Shake your booty
Come on come on come on come on
Bake it
Bake your noodle

Shake it
Shake your booty
Bake it
Bake your noodle
Shake it
Shake your booty
Bake it
Bake your noodle

Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh

Come on come on come on come on

Work it
Work your booty
Sell it
Sell your poodle
Work it
Work your booty
Sell it
Sell your poodle

Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
come on come on come on
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh

Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Come on come on come on come on come on

Shake it
Shake your booty
Bake it
Now bake your noodle
Shake it
Shake your booty
Bake it
Bake your noodle

Y'all know what I'm

All the ladies in the house say

Get down get down get down get down get down
Ooh ooh
Get down get down get down get down get down
Get down get down get down get down get down
Get down get down get down get down get down
Get down get down get down get down get down
Get down get down get down get down get down
Get down get down get down get down get down
Mmmm hmmm
Get down
Track Name: Fig Newtonian Dune Buggy
That's just too much fun
Track Name: Every Suit and Hat in Town
Main menu
To listen to your messages, press one

First message

The setting sun cast long shadows
Across the busy city-scape,
All concrete and steel,
With cold wind sneaking in from around the corners
Of each of the tallest buildings -
Structures erected as monuments
To the financial labyrinth
That drives the same crazy bustle every day,
The mad rush that slowly drips off
Every suit and hat in town
Around this time of day like,
Like the rusted leaves falling
Off a majestic oak in September.
"God-damned prepositions,"
He muttered, under his breath.

Playback stopped

To restart message playback, press two
Track Name: Honkeys & Junkies
Why am I even doing this?
Come on
'Cause this is hilarious!
Come on
Who cares, who cares
Come on
Okay, okay

High tops, vanilla shake and onion rings
I'll take a job, I'll take another thing
And I'm doin' a line and I'm bustin' a rhyme
And I'm up eatin' these burritos and eggrolls

Hey motherfucker it's me in the alley
Behind the Moore Theatre, what's up?
Don't have a seizure from the coke I sold ya
What's up nigga? I told ya

That's what's up, you see me pop the top
And pop the Glock, while I cop the top
And I popped the cop, and I kicked his ass
At the motherfuckin' rest stop, bitch

Too much booze, too much heroin
Takin' dope, shootin' dope up in my butt
And I don't even know what's up, but
I feel like a nut
I feel (undecipherable)

Yeah motherfucker
Yeah west side in the house

Tacos and nachos, I'm blowin' my nose
Because I think I's gots the colds
And I don't even knows, but man
Whatever the money, it folds

Camaros, ah yeah, waxin' the shit at the Elephant Car Wash
Ah, lookin' for bitches on Aurora
Smackin' the shit to Dick's and back

And then I takes a shit on your bitch
Because that's what it is
Like a motherfucker shit

Honkeys and junkies
Honkeys and junkies
And we do the rappers in the song and the wrappers and burritos
And the eggrolls
Eatin' eggrolls
Eatin' eggrolls
Ah yeah
White honkey in effect
Track Name: Asteroids
I don't have anything

Aaaah ha ha
Ah hahaaa
Ahh haaaa

Mmmm hmmmmm

Do do dooo do do




whoa whoa whoa

(repeat chorus)

Track Name: Space Titanium
Thank you for bringing me from the airport, I'm grateful
There you are
Hey there, you're not invited!
Oh, hold it!

Ah, Mizake, welcome home
I brought a guest for you
Ha ha ha ha
You're mean, you should have told me that Professor Wagara was your uncle
Ha I couldn't resist making fun
You should be ashamed
By the way, where's Mizake?
It seems that he found a strange piece of metal near Jiyogoso cave

This material can only be space titanium
Space titanium? You mean it's from outer space?

Track Name: Black
The only thing that looks strange to me was, um, when we sonicated, we got a much lower and more uniform mean, um, on the laser diffraction unit. Leads me to believe that you, you either have a fair amount of agglomeration going, or we were actually destroying the sample when we sonicated. I guess we need to talk more to figure that out. I hope band practice is going well, I'm an old player from years gone by myself. Talk to you later.
Track Name: Baby, It Can't Wait 'Til Later
Lovely, sweet Jill
At times, I would like to have your head hung above my fireplace like a trophy from a great kill
Proudly placed as a pleasant reminder of how much I long to hunt big game
Then, in the same moment, I realize that I am completely against the innocent slaughter of any living, breathing creature, gentle or deadly
The thought of seeing your head gutted and stuffed in my living room is almost frightening
Not only due to the fact there would be no mess when I sweep out the brains
I can't believe these utterly horrid images I'm having at this moment, what evil demon has possessed me so,
That I may have such putrid thoughts
How can this be my mind at work?
I am a creative individual, and should make graphic stories about slaughter, death and self-mutilation
And these stories should sell well in Japan, if not at the local convenience store
I have an active, vivid imagination
I could... capture young souls
Boys rebelling against adolescence
I could have them bowing at my feet
And sending me whips and chains,
Handcuffs, pokers, shakers, leather, spikes, ropes
Even as - Ooooh -
The thought makes my groin muscles tighten
I feel a strange pulsating vibration
Running throughout my entire body
I'm getting light-headed
I suppose I should stop
When I'm caught in an act
Of utter disgust

You tell us how you like your Cup o' Noodles
Track Name: Elephant Baby
Track Name: The Elevator Tune
Hi this is Dave Wright,
I have a tune for Lowbelly
It's called The Elevator Tune
Do do do do do do dodo do do do do do do
Do do do do do do dodo do do do do do do
That's all

End of message
Track Name: Plastic Monster Woody
Track Name: Drunk
Cha ch ch ch
Do be do wop do wop
Cha ch ch
Oh yeah
Cha ch ch
That's right
Take a lead
Take a lead from Jeremy
There he is - JR

I guess it's time to mumble in the microphone
My turn
I got nothin' else to say
So I guess I'll give it away
To mister Red Star himself

We got the melody
It's just four tones
Not much of a melody
Bing, bing
La la
La la la la la
Oh fuck

He just handed me the microphone
And I still don't have anything to say
You know, so I'm just kind of mumbling away
I'm really not exactly sure what to do here right now
So I guess we'll uh, we'll just let it all speak for itself
We'll just let it go on its own
Alright? alright
Track Name: Jump Up and Down



Track Name: It Feels Good
Got to be?
You be you
It feels good